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Welcome to JusthaTip.com, the new home of my creative outlet.

My amazing wife Melissa and I work together to yield finely hand-turned drip tips one at a time.

Proudly made right here in eastern Ky. USA

Every tip is exquisitely hand-crafted, progressively wet-sanded and fully polished to a beautiful shine.


Currently working in composites such as Corian®, TruStone®, and Poly/Acrylics with other exciting mediums well underway.

Our dual o-ring stainless steel “core” runs the length of the tip for superior durability & protection. Machined in-house to be tough enough to handle even the most potent “tank eating” juices.


The dual o-ring connection serves dual purposes:

  • Made for a super secure fit, a necessity for me & tank lovers for sure.

  • Both o-rings fully insulate the tip from your device, reducing heat transfer by removing that metal on metal contact.


All our tips have easy to find, American ANSI standard o-rings,

The oring’s are bound in their own specially machined grooves to eliminate the need to supply different sized o-rings.

My tips will fit a 510 or I’ll buy it back!

Our site, JusthaTip.com holds all my currently available work.



Jus Tha Tip

Jerry Goodwin

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